the Dragon puppet

I attended this summer to a one-week workshop in Boisbuchet, a place in the middle of France on an old estate welcoming designers from the entire world each summer… The workshop I choose was animated by the famous designer Shin Azumi.

The brief he gave us was « environment x entertainment » : the aim was to create something entertaining related to the place…

As Boisbuchet is a castle, we created with my fellows H’sien & André Duarte a dragon, to tell the true (!) story of the designer-knight and his fight to subdue the beast, which is now protector of the designers in this domain !

photo © Sergio Mendoza

The dragon is articulated (head, neck, wings, tail…) and well balanced, so that it moves softly with the wind… but you can also ride it and operate it with strings.

Vidéo by 

Dragon in the mist…

Wood, Wicker, Sand counterweight, imagination, and 2 days work 🙂

That was a lot of fun ! 🙂

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